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Meet the Chef

Executive Chef Shaun Lafountain

Chef Shuan’s love for gastronomy started at a very young age, and over the years he has mastered various culinary forms, including vegan, vegetarian, and classical French techniques. He began working at Brooklyn Winery as a Lead Line Cook in 2018, eventually rising to Sous Chef within 6 months. Now, he leads the culinary team for Brooklyn Winery.

Sustainability is a driving force behind Chef Lafountain’s menus. “I absolutely love vegetables,” says Chef Lafountain. “All of the dishes on the menu are special to me, of course, but the ones I make that highlight cruciferous, roots and tubers, leaves and stems, and marrow vegetables are my favorite to work with. They don’t need any processing, they’re naturally perfectly seasoned. Letting the Earth speak for itself is what truly makes me feel like a chef.”