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About Brooklyn Winery

Our boutique urban winery is set in the heart of Williamsburg, one of the borough’s most vibrant and creative neighborhoods. Winemaker Chuck Gergley produces our premium small batch wines, combining the quality of tradition with the freedom of innovation. Tour the winery to learn about how our wines are produced, then settle into our wine bar and savor our artisanal wines while indulging in our seasonal menu. For those looking to commemorate a special occasion, we also function as a private event venue, featuring full-service weddings with wine crafted on-site, exquisite cuisine, and the beautiful winery as a backdrop.

Brooklyn Winery Origin Story

Co-founders Brian Leventhal and John Stires previously worked together in New York City and for several years made their own wine recreationally in New Jersey with a group of co-workers. After realizing how much fun winemaking is, Brian and John quit their jobs to open Brooklyn Winery in the vibrant and creative Williamsburg neighborhood. The duo has also brought their winery concept to Washington, DC and Chicago. Brooklyn Winery stands at the heart of the company and the co-founders’ passion and dedication permeate every aspect, from winemaking, to private events, to cuisine.